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and Heat Pumps

Electric Pool Heater Installation in Naples
We sell and install any brand heater, heat pump, or chiller from any manufacturer.  Some of the most popular that we install are pictured below.  

pool heater naples

This quality heat pump is reliable, efficient and fits any budget.

AquaCal is one of the largest and leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturers in the world, offering a variety of heat pump solutions that are sure to meet heating needs for any pool at any budget!

pool heater fort myers

This is one of the most sought after heat pumps. You’ll barely even know it’s running…until you feel the water. Offering both heat only and heat & cool models.

heat pumps jeff wilson
sweetwater naples heat pump

This water chiller is designed to lower the temperature of your swimming pool to a refreshing experience throughout the summer.

Whether you are trying to heat your hot tub, warm your pool, or chill your pool, we help you find the right equipment that will ensure year-round enjoyment of your pool or hot tub.

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