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Pool Cleaning Services in Naples FL

We offer a three cleaning plans for your pool and spa.  All of our plans can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Pool Plan 1                          Pool Plan 2                          Pool Plan 3


Full Service Complete Pool Care Package Plus


In the Pool Plan 1 package, the vacuum is performed more frequently for pools that receive a lot of use, collect debris easily (non-screened pools), or are subject to heavy use.

What’s included: 

  • Pool visits every week

  • Weekly pool vacuuming

  • Performing weekly water chemistry checks and balancing

  • Make sure that all baskets and traps have been cleaned 

  • Clean walls and floors as needed

  • Clean tile lines as needed and skim the surface

  • Backwash filters

  • Visit the pool and check the equipment

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Full Service Complete Pool Care Package


​Our plan 2 pool package is designed for most pools that are protected by a screen enclosure and require vacuuming in addition to all essential pool maintenance.


You can expect:

  • Weekly pool visits

  • Vacuum pool every other week

  • Conducting weekly water chemistry tests and balancing

  • Ensure that all traps and baskets are clean 

  • Maintain a clean wall and floor as needed

  • Keep tile lines clean and skim the surface as needed

  • Backwash filters 

  • Check the equipment at the pool

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Value Pool Care Service Package

As part of the Pool Plan 3 package, we provide weekly pool service that focuses on proper water chemistry and balancing, as well as essential pool cleaning.


What you’ll get: 

  • A pool visit every week

  • Monitoring and balancing of water chemistry every week

  • Keep all baskets and traps clean 

  • As needed, wash walls and floors

  • Keep tile lines clean by skimming the surface 

  • Backwash filters 

  • Monitor pool equipment during visits

The Importance of Pool Cleaning

To maintain a healthy pool for your family, it is imperative to maintain regular cleaning, maintenance, and chemical balancing.


Any substance that enters the pool can alter the water's chemistry. A number of factors can affect proper water chemistry, including people, animals, sun tan lotions, sweat, soaps/shampoos, lawn debris, dust, and pool toys. The chemistry of pool water can also be rapidly altered by rain, water from hoses or auto fillers, heat, and cold.


Keeping your pool water chemistry balanced every week is part of our pool service plan to maintain and improve its health, appearance, and feel. 


Chemical Standards

Have you ever wondered what the ideal chemistry range should be in Florida? NSPI values and the Florida Administrative Code are used to determine the chemical standards for swimming pools.


Your Professional Pool Cleaner in Naples

Throughout the year, you can depend on us for pool repair and maintenance services. If you have any questions about your pool, give us a call, and we'll be able to assist you. Contact Magnolia Pool & Spa for pool repair in Naples today.

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