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Pool Equipment Inspections


Buying a new home?  Pool equipment inspections prior to your closing can help identify costly repairs in advance of closing on your home.   Our pool equipment professionals will thoroughly inspect your pool equipment for issues that may need repair before you close on your home.

Home swimming pools operate through a complex systems of parts, equipment, and tubes.  In order for your pool system to function efficiently, have strong water flow, and property water chemistry, the system needs to be working properly and leak-free.  The electrical equipment needs to be inspected, as does the plumbing.  Decking surfaces, safety covers and the hardware that secures them should be evaluated for condition and longevity.

Most home inspectors are very thorough and provide great insights to their customers.  However, many home inspections don't cover the pool or the home inspector doesn't have the expertise or experience with complex home pool systems.    

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